Green Job Survey

What is Georgia’s Green Jobs Survey?
Georgia’s Green Jobs survey is designed to estimate the concentration and types of green jobs and associated skills in the economy and to establish a baseline of data for projections of jobs in demand. This will provide reliable data at the state level to support workforce policy and at the regional level for assisting workforce boards to build and implement effective workforce development strategies for talent development.

How was the survey conducted?
The survey started on October 18, 2010 and ended February 28, 2011.  Survey processing was handled using a computer-assisted telephone inquiry (CATI) system for all data collection, editing, and management.   

Who was surveyed?
The survey covered 10,000 businesses that research suggests are most likely to have significant green employment.  These businesses came from almost all major industry sectors in all 12 service delivery regions of the state.  A list of Georgia’s Service Delivery Regions (SDRs) may be accessed by clicking here.

How will the results be used?
Survey results will be combined with the most recent employment projections to forecast employment for green occupations, and analysis will be guided by O*NET's categorization of increased demand / enhanced skill / emerging occupations.

All the skills and certifications requirements will be compiled and provided to workforce and education partners. With sufficient employer response, Georgia will develop a skills/certification report by occupation for the state and will provide this report 180 days after the end of data collection for the last service delivery region. The skills and certifications will likewise be included in Georgia’s labor exchange system.

The Department will coordinate with the Georgia Career Information Center (GCIC) at Georgia State University to pursue notation of green training programs and to include green identifiers. Occupations coded to Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) will be provided to the GCIC with green lay titles and descriptions. These can be linked to training programs by crosswalks to instructional program codes.

Why is this survey important?
The Green Jobs Survey will give the state invaluable information to accelerate the expansion of green technology in Georgia in order to preserve valuable natural resources and diversify the economy. Continuing to promote green industries will strengthen the economy, create jobs, decrease dependence on foreign oil, and preserve valuable natural resources.

When is survey results be available?
Survey results will be published soon.